Comedian - Bio

The Bio of comedian Whitney Chitwood. Some might call it an "about" page. But bio is short for biography. Did you know that?


Whitney Chitwood is a stand-up comedian and stand-up gal who will stand-up to moderately dangerous things. (Not a bear, though. She'll run away from those. But who wouldn't? Poor bears.) 

She’s been featured by MoveOn.Org, OUT Chicago, Lady Laughs Comedy and has opened for the likes of the great Eddie Pepitone, Shane Torres, and Andy Woodhull in addition to performing at Riot LA, FoCoMX, Altercation and Cinderblock Comedy Festivals, The Hollywood Improv, and the Chicago Laugh Factory.

Her audacious, highly personal style has left audiences... Full disclosure: she struggles to write about herself in the third person. It just feels vapid and hollow, but mostly it sounds silly to me... I mean “to her”... SHE means “to her”. 

See what I mean? I mean, “what she means”. SHE means, “what she means”.


Whitney just hopes audiences leave her shows saying, “I never thought of that,” or “That was witty,” or “Look out! There’s a bear!”

(We’ve got to keep on top of this, guys.)

Just absolutely hilarious. We’re her number one fan.
— OUT Chicago
Whitney Chitwood is one of my favorite comics everyone should know.
— Eddie Pepitone