Oct 18th!

Comedian Whitney Chitwood’s debut album The Bakery Case will be released by Stand Up! Records across all major platforms and in physical form!

Whitney is a lesbian squirrel in a shoebox with the voice of a chronic chainsmoker, a jawline that could bring down an oak tree, and a haphazard knack for accidental injury. The Chicago comic hits the stage with swagger and a disarmingly pragmatic look at the fits and starts of American progress, from homophobic bakers to her feminist shortcomings, bigfoot investigators, beards of plaid, approbation of bike mechanics with mustaches, and well-meaning pronoun-mangling moms. In Chitwood’s hands the multi-tiered cake of cultural lethargy that so often represses can feel surmountable—or at least mountable with the right “tools”.

Recorded live at The Paper Machete in Chicago’s historic Green Mill, Whitney is beyond ecstatic to share with the world what has truly been a labor of love.